SVM2uesdays are a weekly day of prayer and fasting for the global student mission movement.

Individuals and ministries are encouraged to participate with worldwide multitudes by spending intentional time every Tuesday in focused prayer for the emerging generation of believers internationally, while (if appropriate) abstaining from food in whatever form the Holy Spirit may lead.

Pray for:

Abandoned devotion for Jesus in hearts,
Breaking down of barriers keeping us from offering our all in full surrender to Jesus,
The developing of Global Prayer Teams in churches and ministries around the world,
Student Mission Fellowships to be raised up in campus ministries around the world,
100,000 new message bearers to be raised up to go to the hardest places, and
The fulfillment of the Great Commission in our lifetime.

There is a growing heart cry internationally to align with God’s heart in this hour. One of the ways we do this is by recognizing the emphases that Jesus uses to instruct His people, related to how we are to pray, and by committing ourselves to those prayer items.

One of these is laid out very plainly in both Matthew and Luke’s gospels. Jesus teaches us to pray for laborers to be sent out into the harvest. We find this in Matthew 9:37-38 and Luke 10:2. A thorough search through the gospels results in very few places where Jesus clearly teaches His people what to pray.

His emphasis on calling His people to purposefully pray for laborers to be raised up is central to God’s preparing and releasing of the masses of new message bearers He has ordained to serve in His global harvest.

As a result, the following prayer is encouraged as a helpful and catchy tool to memorize and repeat often during SVM2uesdays, Abandoned Devotion, fasts as well as periodically throughout each day. Invite your youth groups, campus ministries, and Bible schools to memorize it and petition it before the throne of God regularly:

Oh Father…Lord of the Harvest, raise up 100,000 new message bearers from today’s emerging generation of believers, who are zealous for Your name, full of humility and of the Holy Spirit and bring forth a mighty harvest of souls from the least reached areas of the world for Your glory’s sake.