Pursuing a Deeper Life in Christ in the Mission Movement

Great Commission Equipping Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Abandoned Devotion Conference 2018

The Abandoned Devotion Conference considers what is necessary in pursuing a deeper spiritual life among the global body of Christ in the Great Commission. It is common in mission circles today to prioritize methods, strategies and models to the neglect of reliance on the Holy Spirit. Our tendency in mission is to prioritize “doing,” yet the biblical model reveals the necessity of “being” to produce Kingdom advance. This conference helps us implement greater balance in our ministries and organizations related to serving God globally out of the inner reservoir of overflowing hearts of wholehearted love and devotion for Jesus.

“If you are a Christian leader, you would undoubtedly be blessed at this conference! The deepening of the spiritual life, and it’s resulting vitality, is a keynote message that the Holy Spirit is trumpeting throughout the earth today.” – Edmund Chan, Leadership Mentor, Covenant EFC, Singapore/Founder, Global Alliance of IDMC

Topics & Speakers Include:

  • “Abandoned Devotion to Jesus” – The Key To Fulfilling the Great Commission – Kelly Shaw, SVM2 (USA/ Thailand)
  • Being Saturated With the Powerful Presence of God – Ryan Shaw, International Lead Facilitator, SVM2 (USA/Thailand)
  • Pursuing the Fullness of the Spirit: The Divine Factor in Mission – Dr. Thuo Mburu, Pastor, Christ is the Answer Ministries (Kenya)
  • The Surrendered Life: The Indispensable Factor in Mission – Joel Iyorwa, International Alliance Coordinator, SVM2 (Nigeria/ Thailand)
  • Enjoyable Prayer to Fuel Mission – Graham, International Prayer Director, Operation Mobilization (OM)
  • Becoming Bible-Centered Leaders in the Great Commission – Remo Paul, Executive Secretary, Reaching Hand Society (India)

Organizing Committee:

  • Ryan Shaw (Chair) – International Lead Facilitator, SVM2 (USA/ Thailand)
  • Ray Mensah – Vice President, Ghana Evangelical Mission Association (GEMA) & Director, One Way Ministries Africa (Ghana)
  • Julio Vallejos – Director, Musica & Arte Global (Argentina)
  • Fred Dimado – Assistant International Director, Pioneers (Ghana/Thailand)
  • Dr. Thuo Mburu – Pastor, Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM), (Kenya)
  • David Non Ling – President, Myanmar Institute of Mission & Research & SVM2 National Facilitator (Myanmar)
  • Mario Albelda – Translators Association of the Philippines (TAP) & SVM2 National Facilitator (Philippines)
  • Joel Iyorwa – International Alliance Coordinator, SVM2 (Nigeria/Thailand)


  • 3 day conference of participants desiring to personally grow in spiritual depth while reproducing this life in others – arriving Monday, January 15 & departing Friday, January 19
  • Dialoguing specific, relevant issues related to motivating the Church toward her inheritance of vital, vibrant, wholehearted discipleship (Abandoned Devotion)
  • Understanding the undeniable relationship between cultivating Abandoned Devotion for Jesus in the Church and mobilizing her for the fulfillment of the Great Commission
  • Embracing core elements of the Abandoned Devotion lifestyle and seeing their resulting impact in cross—cultural ministry among the nations




  • Few conferences exist across organizations, affiliations and streams in the body of Christ related to cultivating the depth of spiritual life in cross-cultural mission
  • To proactively discern what God has provided to every born-again disciple in His Church related to the fullness of our inheritance in Christ
  • To receive spiritual equipping and empowering to walk in the fullness of God in the nations
  • To become what God is calling His Church to become in order to rightly represent and reproduce His love, power and glory in the nations




  • Pastors, church leaders, youth leaders, believers from their fellowships, and denominational leaders of networks,
  • Mission organization leaders, leaders of member care depts
  • Workers and message bearers serving in cross-cultural situations desiring spiritual refreshment
  • Staff, volunteers and students of campus ministry fellowships
  • Bible School/ Christian University faculty and students



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The cost is between $50 – $90 depending on your home country. The registration site specifies which countries are at which amount. This cost does not include accommodation. The day rate is $35 USD per person. All registration fees are non-refundable.

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Noble Place Hotel. Room prices range from 750 – 900 Baht. Accommodations at Noble Place can be arranged by emailing us. It is a separate cost from the registration cost. Click here to make a reservation.

More Information and Questions:

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