What is a Great Commission Ministry?

To pursue the end goal of “Together Fulfilling His Great Commission in This Generation,” the body of Christ needs every local ministry involved in the crucial task of developing understanding and activating their people into the mission movement. These are called “Great Commission Ministries.”

They are individual local churches, campus ministry fellowships and Bible schools/ training institutions from multitudes of national, organizational and denominational backgrounds. Leaders within these ministries affirm a desire to see their fellowships educated, inspired and activated toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

To accomplish this, four proven concepts are introduced within fellowships for cultivating Great Commission vision. SVM2 calls them the “Four Core Components For Mobilizing Ministries.” These four primary tools have always been used of God to motivate his people to grasp His Great Commission purposes. They are simple & user-friendly.

These individual local ministries informally join a growing international alliance of other like-minded ministries across the body of Christ pursuing the same purpose. Dramatic grassroots fruit toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission happens as local churches, campus ministry fellowships, Bible Schools/ training institutions are forged into “Great Commission Ministries.”

The Handbook for Great Commission Ministries provides information as to how to implement these four along with ideas and considerations related to them. This Handbook along with the suggested “Great Commission Bible Study” guide are the two necessary pieces in order to be on your way toward implementing the Four Core Components.

If you are a leader in your local ministry and are ready to encourage your ministry toward possessing a vibrant global mission vision, please fill in the Registration Form here. We will be in touch with you soon with further ways to serve your ministry.