The Four Core Components

There are many wonderful mobilization tools available today to help the body of Christ cultivate a vision for the Great Commission. SVM2 advocates the use of four proven tools that have historically, and in contemporary circles, always been the primary factors in believers aligning with God’s red hot passion for reaching all peoples. These four are an attempt to come back to the basics of God and His ways and to allow these to accomplish the work God intended through them of aligning us with His pure and Holy heart of zeal and love. These allow for a grassroots development of mission vision within your local ministry without needing to go outside of your local ministry to be encouraged in this way. We believe this is the foundational way to cultivate mission vision.

The Four Core Components are not the only nor the full picture of mobilizing our fellowships with a heart for the nations. It is a great blessing to attend a course on missions or to participate in a vibrant missions conference. But if a person’s home fellowship does not possess a vibrant heart for mission, that individual’s zeal will dim over time. Using the Four Core Components stokes the fires of mission vision within your local ministry situation, providing a fellowship the basics of what it needs to motivate the entire local ministry with a heart for the “Fulfillment of the Great Commission In This Generation.”

Imagine thousands of local ministries in your nation implementing these Four Components. What could be the result?

Prayer & intercession is God’s primary strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission. God has a two-fold purpose of prayer. First, faithful, Spirit-led prayer according to God’s will affects the object of that prayer. Second, it affects the one doing the praying. God aligns our hearts with his will as we pray. Global Prayer Teams are small groups that meet once or twice a week & seek God for spiritual awakening & harvest among the unreached. Through use of the Global Prayer Team ideas portion of the Handbook for Great Commission Ministries, engaging & focused times of prayer & intercession are developed. The Handbook provides websites to find information about the unreached to use for informed intercession. Individual fellowships start with one Global Prayer Team. These are reproduced on other days to include more people in prayer & intercession for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. A great wave of prayer in your fellowship for the nations will transform and cultivate this same heart in many participating in these Teams.


Information releases burden and through burden God gives vision. A lack of information hinders our ability to be activated in the Great Commission. Many believers possess only a superficial grasp of the Great Commission Mission Forums are monthly or quarterly meetings in your fellowship which focus on a different topic each meeting related to fulfilling the Great Commission. Through local networking, speakers are welcomed to your fellowship who have some level of expertise in the subject highlighted for each meeting. Some topics of Mission Forums might include: Contextualizing the Gospel in another culture; Church Planting Movements & Their Principles; Obstacles to the Gospel in Various Cultures; the current status of the fulfillment of the Great Commission and much more. The information for how to facilitate Mission Forums is included in the Handbook for Great Commission Ministries.


It is important to provide regular opportunities, within your local ministry, for people to consider if God is calling them as a Message Bearer to the unreached & unengaged. Many believers have never been directly confronted with a challenge related to God calling them personally to the unreached. A Message Bearer commits to go to the unreached & unengaged for at least two years. The GO Declaration commitment card is an opportunity to make a faith-filled, Spirit-led decision to serve God directly in the Great Commission. This card can be used in your fellowships’ cell groups, Bible Studies, Mission Forums & more.


From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is the story of God’s rescue effort to redeem His world, making way for all people everywhere to be brought back into the intimate relationship He intended for us. Most of us have not connected with the Bible in this way, however. Once we see for ourselves this emphasis of the Bible, our whole Christian worldview can be shifted. Great Commission Bible Studies are small groups (5-20 people) meeting weekly for nine weeks using the provided study guide. Appoint a lay leader in your ministry to facilitate the small group Bible studies and get started. Great Commission Bible Studies are proving revolutionary to local churches and campus ministry fellowships as they grasp God’s global desires and purpose. The study guide is user friendly – the group facilitator does not need much knowledge about the Great Commission themselves as the guide leads them through how to host each weeks’ study.