IGNITE Training Courses

Individual local churches, campus ministry fellowships, and Bible School play a crucial role in the fulfillment of Jesus’ Great Commission in this generation. As such pastors & ministry leaders play a critical role in guiding their local ministries with an emphasis on the Great Commission while empowering disciples to internalize the calling of the Great Commission and play their ordained role in its fulfillment.

IGNITE Training Courses provide the in-depth teaching, equipping and empowering needed for leaders of local ministries to effectively accomplish this. An IGNITE Training Course is an in-depth, four-day program providing teaching and practical equipping for ministry leaders. IGNITE empowers leaders to activate their local ministry as a Great Commission Ministry. The topics considered are essential areas for any local ministry to grow in prioritizing the Great Commission. Special emphasis is placed on empowering Great Commission Ministries through practical instruction on the implementation of the Four Core Components for Mobilizing Ministries.



  • Equipping local ministry leaders and leadership teams to practically activate their local ministries as Great Commission Ministries.
  • Empowering leaders through effective anointed teaching to activate every member of their local ministry in their role in the Great Commission.
  • Practically engaging leaders and believers with Biblical sending models to the unreached.