Engaging the Holy Spirit

holy spirit cover
The Holy Spirit is the necessary key to unlocking the full potential of the body of Christ toward the literal fulfillment of the Great Commission. Did you know the primary purpose the Holy Spirit was given was to provide the powerful dynamic to see the Great Commission realized and the coming of the Kingdom of God? There is much confusion about the Holy Spirit and His role and purpose among believers.

We want to be aware of the dynamics of who the Holy Spirit is and how He moves in and through us in order to cooperate most fully with God’s purposes. All across the body of Christ we find misunderstanding and wrong expectations related to the Holy Spirit. This book seeks to correct some of those misunderstandings and bring right expectations related to the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

Engaging The Holy Spirit provides clarity and right understanding as to who the Holy Spirit really is, how He relates in and through believers and to what end. The content of this book includes an overview of the seven works of the Spirit; characteristics of the Spirit-filled life; conditions of being filled with the Spirit; characteristics of the Kingdom age; six functions of the Spirit in the Great Commission and much more. It is simple, direct, inspiring and motivating. Use this book individually or in a small group setting and see believers transformed as they deliberately engage with the Person of the Holy Spirit.

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