School of Global Harvest

2019 January – June

God is raising apostolic message bearers from all nations to reap a great global harvest among unreached and unengaged people groups. These are in every profession and from every sector of society. School of Global Harvest is a unique program equipping participants in the knowledge of God and His ways, preparing them to effectively engage toward the “Fulfillment of the Great Commission In This Generation.”

“School of Global Harvest stands out because of the focus, the content, and the participants. Participants focus on the biblical foundation of our global mission and then combine this with the realities and challenges of being a message-bearer in our contemporary world. And all of this is done in a global, multi-cultural learning setting so that participants understand that they are literally joining the whole church taking the Gospel to the whole world.” -Paul Borthwick, Senior Consultant, Development Associates International

“School of Global Harvest provides cutting-edge missionary training for strategic missions.” – Lalano D. Badoy Jr., National Director, Philippines Mission Association (PMA)

“School of Global Harvest is the kind of training I wish I could have had before serving as a cross-cultural missionary. The combination of looking at current mission trends and practices through the light of Scripture as well as learning and praying together with those from many different cultures who have a common drive to fulfill His Great Commission is a magnificent opportunity that anyone headed into missions should take advantage of.” – John Robb, Chairman, International Prayer Council, USA


School of Global Harvest is a six month certificated program that includes the following requirements: daily lectures and courses, daily time in the Global Harvest Prayer Room, daily in-depth Bible study, outreach twice a week, involvement in small groups for mutual encouragement and accountability, and much more.

School of Global Harvest combines biblical, theological, and missiological study with hands-on ministry experience, development of spiritual disciplines, and mentoring through a team based approach. The location in Chiang Mai, Thailand offers participants the unique opportunity to study and encounter God in the context of an unreached nation. No matter if you are called to the Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist or Atheistic world or if you want to go deeper in Great Commission understanding, time spent studying in Chiang Mai will serve you well.



  • An atmosphere of spiritual and academic stimulus which encourages spiritual growth, dynamic reflection, hearing from God and ignites effective and anointed preparation and service for the Lord.
  • A combination of the discipline of the classroom with the primary component of practical ministry experience coupled with personal and corporate dynamic reflection and assessment.
  • Our aim is to send adequately prepared men and women of prophetic fire into the harvest – whose heart cry is “Give me nations or I die!” Those who declare the Supremacy of Christ with apostolic preaching based on a fresh revelation of the excellence and glory of who He is.
  • The practical activities of the school are not its strength. Its strength lies in the fact that students are given an opportunity to soak in the presence of God and dig deep in being rooted and grounded in Him.
  • An environment which promotes a true preparation to face the stressors, challenges, and experiences of serving among the unreached.

Who Are the Participants?

Those preparing to be Message Bearers or currently serving as such; preparation for lay leaders; preparation for pastors with a mission vision; those preparing to serve on staff at local churches; from a multitude of diverse backgrounds – western and non-western; age range 18-60 – you must have graduated from high school and speak English fluently.


  • Calling to serve God in the nations – particularly among the unreached/ unengaged
  • Recommendation from sending organization/ ministry, etc
  • Eager to grow in spiritual disciplines, passion for Jesus, compassion for the lost, leadership capacity
  • Possess mature discipleship character traits such as: humility, servant heart, teachable spirit, learning posture



The School of Global Harvest seeks to cultivate the following foundations in the hearts of participants:

  • Immersion in the Word of God and practical knowledge to use it with power in ministry
  • Awaken the hearts of students toward deep intimacy with Jesus and lay practical foundations for a lifestyle of ongoing growth in their spiritual walk
  • Producing students steeped in a thorough and true revelation of the fullness of Christ
  • Cultivation of spiritual discipline habits for a lifetime of ministry
  • Biblical, historical, and present day understanding of effective mission practice in order to rightly do the will of God in This Generation. (Acts 13:4)
  • Prioritizing the unreached and unengaged and a commitment to creative strategies to reach them
  • Producing students who marry the revival, prayer and mission movements among the nations
  • Possessing a vision of the Great Commission fulfilled in our lifetime and what this practically means



  • Classes
  • Group Discussion Sessions
  • Corporate Prayer Times
  • Outreach Experience
  • Group Bible Study
  • Bible Teaching


For more information, contact Rita.