Equip U

Have you desired to be more equipped in the Bible for ministry? Have you hungered to know the Word of God in a deeper way? Then Equip U is for you.

What >>>

Equip U are in depth Bible teaching series on a range of Bible books and topics usually related in some way to the Great Commission. Some Equip U series are shorter (4 evenings over a two week period) while others meet weekly over a period of seven weeks. They happen several times throughout the year.

Purpose >>>

The purpose is to teach the Bible in a practical, hands-on way in order to most effectively enable us to grow in it and through it. These series are taught through a practical handling of Scripture while being faithful to the context, history and culture of Scripture. We dig into the Word of God to know God in a greater way and to draw out all the applications we can to serve Him most effectively.

For Who >>>

Equip U series are for anyone desiring to grow in depth in the Word of God. Local Chiang Mai missionaries, businesspeople, retirees, visitors to Chiang Mai and more.

Teacher >>>

Equip U series are usually taught by Ryan Shaw, a long time message bearer living in Chiang Mai. He is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and is a lifelong student of the Word of God.

Language >>>

Equip U series are currently taught in English.

Cost >>>

Equip U series are free. However, they do include study materials. Usually, these cost between 200-300 Baht for the whole series.

Upcoming Series >>>

The next Equip U series begins on Tuesday, October 11th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, meeting each Tuesday evening, through Tuesday, November 22nd. It will last for seven weeks. This series will be on the topic of “Studies In the Great Commission Passages.” We will look in depth at 11 core passages from Genesis to Revelation that provide solid insight into the heart of God in the Great Commission. The Great Commission didn’t begin with Matthew 28. We want to see the interweaving of this topic throughout the plan of God and the immense details the Lord provides related to it. These studies will impact you deeply and propel us farther into the heart of God for the nations.

Where >>>

They take place at the SVM2 Great Commission Equipping Center in Chiang Mai.