Equipping Center

The Great Commission Equipping Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand provides equipping programs for leaders from diverse backgrounds in the body of Christ. The equipping empowers leaders to return to their home ministries, reproducing in others what they received in Chiang Mai. Participants are leaders and message bearers (from local churches, mission agencies, campus ministry fellowships, Bible schools) from both western and non-western nations.

God is reshaping and redefining the cross-cultural mission movement. We want to keep in step with the Holy Spirit in equipping leaders as the body of Christ pursues the Fulfillment of the Great Commission In This Generation.

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Each equipping program is designed to fill current gaps in the mission mobilization movement. These include:

  • • A general lack of equipping cross-cultural mission mobilizers for their crucial role
  • • A general lack of empowering pastors and ministry leaders to internalize the big picture vision of the great commission
  • • A general lack of spiritually equipping message bearers (alternative term for missionary) for reaching unreached and unengaged people groups.

Mobilizer Equipping School

The Mobilizer Equipping School (MES) exists to prepare a new generation of empowered cross-cultural mission mobilizers to awaken the body of Christ to her wholehearted mission mandate through 4-week on-site in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Through deepening the spiritual life, rethinking mobilization strategies, grasping the foundations of the cross-cultural mission movement, and growing in understanding of the global needs today, participants experience a well-rounded and unique training program.

Great Commission Leadership Institute

The Great Commission Leadership Institute (GCLI) is a two week certificate program combining classes with practical involvement in prayer, bible study, and outreach alongside dynamic reflection. Together they are encouraged to grow in their knowledge & passion for the Great Commission and the practical role their fellowship can have in its fulfillment. The GCLI two week program is hosted in various locations globally to make it most accessible to the largest number of pastors and ministry leaders.

Great Commission U

The Great Commission U is a eight week certificated program that includes the following requirements: daily lectures and courses, daily time in the Global Harvest Prayer Room, daily in-depth Bible study, outreach twice a week, involvement in small groups for mutual encouragement and accountability, and much more.

Philosophy of Schools

  • 1. Prayer & Worship:The Mission Movement is reliant upon the rising prayer and worship movement that God is bringing forth. Apart from lifestyles committed to pursuing growing intimacy with Jesus, willing to lay the groundwork and count the cost in intercession, both corporately and individually, and integrating fasting with prayer and intercession, the Mission Movement will not progress and accomplish what God has ordained in this hour. Worship ushers us into the very presence of God which fuels our intercession. One should not exist without the other. Thus we seek to be a people who personally and as a group cultivate a deeper lifestyle of prayer and worship into all we do.
  • 2. Ministry Flows Out of Being: Ministry is an outflow of a vital and growing relationship with God. It is a grateful response of obedience to His call to love others and serve Him through differing forms of ministry. It is a lifestyle of daily increasing death to self and surrender to His will for us. The task of effectively serving the student mission movement can only be effectively accomplished as we abide in the Vine, as we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, as we decrease and He increases.
  • 3. Spiritual/ Academic Atmosphere: These schools revolve around an atmosphere of spiritual and academic stimulus which encourages spiritual growth, dynamic reflection, hearing from God and ignites effective and anointed preparation for returning to home nations and ministry’s able and readied to influence others in maturing with involvement in God’s agenda. The practical activities of the internship are not its strength. Its strength lies in participants being given an opportunity to soak in the presence of God and dig deep in being rooted and grounded in Him.
  • 4. Spirit of Revival: As God raises up His end-time army to take the gospel of His Kingdom into every last people group, we know the power of His presence and His glory must go before each Message Bearer to make a way. As we grow in understanding and serve the mission movement we seek to embrace and cultivate a spirit of fervency and zeal, confession and repentance, faith, perseverance and reliance upon the Holy Spirit.
  • 5. Spiritual Family: Each group has been called by God to live, study, minister and grow together in an international environment. Emphasis is placed on the health (physical, spiritual, emotional) of each individual that makes up the group, valuing each one’s contribution and considering each one’s unique needs. Each group provides a “family” environment that instills a sense of belonging, love, protection, and effective accountability for each person.
  • 6. Commitment To Christ’s Whole Body: As the work of SVM2 spans across the spectrum of denominations, organizations and evangelical streams, these schools value the unique contribution of each segment of the body of Christ, serving with a meek spirit. This means that we build relationships with those who may be different theologically (yet still be termed evangelical) from us and we do so on the basis of humility, love and servant-hood.
  • 7. Combining Classroom With Practical Experience: Each school brings together the critical combination of the discipline of the classroom with the primary component of practical ministry experience coupled with personal and corporate dynamic reflection and assessment. As participants engage with God in each of these arenas they receive a well rounded opportunity that will mark them for their entire lives.

Values and Desired Qualities of Participants

  • 1. Passionate Love For Jesus: A desire to serve God, motivated by devoted love, based on what Jesus has done for us through the cross and resurrection is our desired basis for doing what we do. Partnering with Him to build His kingdom in the earth is the natural response of a heart overwhelmed with gratitude. A commitment to daily, weekly and monthly grow in intimacy with Jesus is our standard.
  • 2. Teachable with a Learning Posture: A primary quality of a person who can be used by God over the long haul is one who possesses a teachable spirit. This posture of learning through Scripture, books, current events, personal circumstances, mentors, team-mates, etc is critical to a healthy learning environment and for the longevity of the individual. There is so much to learn about knowing and serving God that it is important to consistently maintain a teachable spirit and give ourselves to a learning posture.
  • 3. Sensitive to the Body of Christ: These school include people from across the body of Jesus Christ. As a result it is important that we be sensitive to dynamics of working with people across denominations and affiliations in the body of Christ who may be different than one’s personal spiritual bent. SVM2 adheres to the Lausanne Covenant as a Statement of Faith. The International Equipping Team believes in the expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit given for ministry.
  • 4. Lifestyle of Prayer and Open to Fasting: Prayer and intercession is the lifeline of all effective ministry. The danger with such a statement is to view prayer as merely a means to an end. This is not God’s heart in prayer, however, as He has set prayer up to be the only means by which we develop an ever-growing and intimate revelation of His heart and His thoughts. As such it is a priority that participants commit themselves to being a people of extended prayer and intercession, often coupled with day-long fasts and even periods of extended fasts as the Spirit leads.
  • 5. A Pursuit of Being Clothed with God’s Presence: As we search the Scriptures it doesn’t take long to find that any Biblical character used of God was accompanied by His presence and power. The words “…and God was with him/her” are common in regard to these lives. We seek to be people who are in consistent pursuit of such a reality in our own lives. We recognize that we cannot do ministry in our own strength and that unless God’s power, anointing and presence accompany us, we have nothing to offer.
  • 6. Commitment to Grow in God’s Word: God’s Word is the basis of all we do in life and ministry. As such we must have a high standard to be those who are saturated by the study and meditation of the Word and to use it effectively in ministry. This requires a steady increase in our Bible intake and a greater commitment to carve out the time necessary to give to this central ministry.
  • 7. Valuing the Biblical One-Another’s: The Scripture continually exhorts us to be a people who prefer others as better than ourselves and who love and serve one another with intentionality. Each participant is expected to hold these values as priorities within their own lives and manifest these realities in their relations with one another and in wider ministry.
  • 8. Flexibility and Adaptability: The unique nature of these schools require a willingness to be flexible within a unique ministry environment. Because we serve in a culture different than our own, daily tasks can seem to take longer than usual and be more involved thus requiring patience, adaptability and flexibility.