“The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization enthusiastically affirms the work and vision of the Student Volunteer Movement 2 (SVM2). SVM2’s commitment to mobilizing today’s emerging generation toward their involvement in the task of reaching the world for Christ is compelling and strategic. For too long the body of Christ, in the student world, has been without a network that provides a unifying vision for Jesus’ call to the nations. The harvest is ready but more laborers are needed to fulfill the purposes of God for world evangelization in this generation.”

“SVM2 is an alliance of like minded christian leaders from different nations that would like to see more involvement of local Christians and churches to get involved with the works of reaching the unreached. The training helps participants to passionately love God more and equips the mobilizers to play his/her role in fulfilling the great commission.”
Andrias Pantauw, Indonesia Peoples Network

“SVM2 aims to reignite the vision of the original SVM to help fulfill the Great Commission in our generation. May I commend its strategic plan and leadership team as they seek to educate and train a new generation of mission mobilizers, church leaders, para-church ministries, and message bearers to mobilize God’s people to multiply disciple-makers and Christ-centered communities in the world, esp. among the unreached peoples.”
Dr. David Lim, President/CEO of Asian School of Development & Cross-Cultural Studies, President of China Ministries International-Phil., and Board Chair of Lausanne Philippines

“I thank the Lord for the vision and ministry SVM2 and hope more people will get involved. At Maryville College in 1956-57, I belonged to Student Volunteers (the original) and only heaven will tell all that was done through that. The need today in a world of 7 billion is just as great. Lets get going!”
George Verwer, founder Operation Mobilization

“May SVM2 bring about, in the history of World Mission, an unprecedented move of God that will birth tens of thousands of workers for the strategic harvest force that are needed to complete the task of World Evangelization.”
Mike Adegbile, Nigeria International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

“I believe that God has raised up SVM2 for such a time as this. A spiritual revolution of incredible passion for Jesus that catapults countless numbers of young people into the nations has been on my heart for years. This movement is long overdue.”
Lou Engle, Prayer Leader and Founder of “The Call”

“The vision, values and mission of SVM2 capture the imagination, call for total commitment, and contain world impact components for a new generation of innovative young Christians.”
Luis Bush, Transform World

“My desire is to emblazen Christians to a lifestyle of passionate prayer and to a relentless commitment for spreading the glory of Christ to all peoples. SVM2 is a great avenue for me to live out this calling. The mission of SVM2 is so closely aligned with God’s heart–to spread the fame of His name so that all people would marvel at His sovereign greatness.”
a student leader

“I am both delighted and excited to hear of the new united thrust of a 21st Century Student Volunteer Movement. I affirm both the leadership and the vision of this youth movement to see the Gospel planted in every place on earth. Our Lord has used radical young adults to spark and pioneer extraordinary works in the past. I pray that He will do it again so that this generation of young people might heed the challenge of SVM2 and become fervently involved in “going” where the least Gospel witness exists for the purpose of planting churches and making disciples.”
Paul Cedar, Mission America

“I know I’ll be reading about this movement in the history books. It’s the perfect time for just such a fresh move of God – not just in the U.S., but all over the world. The vision of SVM2 is God’s heartbeat for this generation.”
a student leader

“The ministry of SVM2 is timely! The message is to challenge young adults to forsake their small ambitions and to live for that which is eternal, and this millennial generation is ready to hear and respond to this. I am convinced God is raising up a world-wide student movement to bring the Good News to all the nations.”
Dennis Gaylor, National Director, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, USA<

“SVM2 is calling this generation to commit to living a radical lifestyle unto the Lord. This effort sounds a clear trumpet call to bring direction to an aimless generation.”
a student leader

“Born out of a desire to network talented young believers, SVM2 captures the vision for missions among students that parallels the amazing strength of the Student Volunteer Movement of the early 20th century. This 21st Century expression of students at the forefront of missionary endeavor may again be the revitalizing factor in furthering the great commission in our time. It appears that the structural challenges inevitable with any renewal movement come at a time when God is preparing traditional missionary societies for dramatic change.”
Doug McConnell, Dean, School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

“The level of passion Christian students exhibit today for world evangelization has not been seen in American church life for over 100 years. The vision of SVM2 could well become the catalyst the Holy Spirit will use to galvanize today’s students to finally bring closure on Christ’s Great Commission. The SVM2 model is a vision born in God’s heart, an idea whose time has come.”
David Shibley, President, Global Advance

“I love what SVM2 is all about. I experience awesome potential for God and His global purposes among young people today. God has raised up SVM2 to call forth fresh vision and energy from among their generation, focused on the unreached of the world. I want to hand them the torch, support them in every way possible, and get out of the way, cheering them on.”
George Miley, International Director, Antioch Network

“SVM2 is screaming an ancient message – one that some have forgotten, some have ignored, and some have never heard. May each one of us listen now and abandon all that competes for our devotion to Jesus Christ…and join the most exciting, scary, and fulfilling adventure: the movement of God’s kingdom through the cultures of this globe!”
Tim Osborn, pastor

“I’m thrilled about SVM2 because it taps into the latent passion and zeal of the younger generation and calls young men and women to respond with ‘abandon’ to the love of Jesus. I believe in this movement because I believe SVM2 will serve to mobilize a new generation to go to the toughest and neediest places of the world.”
Paul Borthwick, Senior Consultant, Development Associates International

“Among a generation who live for the moment this is a model which helps the younger generation to move strategically and purposefully to the next moment without losing their way or enthusiasm.”
Andrew Scott, President & CEO, Operation Mobilization (USA)