Core Values

Though the SVM2 International Family is diverse in its organizational and geographical backgrounds, there are essential values binding us together and giving direction. These guide us as we develop National Alliances, made up of individual Great Commission Ministries, sharing core values.

A. Wholehearted Discipleship to Jesus Is Foundational To Mission

  • The work of the Great Commission is a spiritual work produced through spiritual people embodying abandoned devotion to Jesus Christ and becoming the wholehearted disciples Jesus intended. It is not produced through intellectual, technical or strategic means alone. We mobilize believers and local ministries to grow as a devoted disciple of Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, according to His Word.

B. The Great Commission Is the Priority of the Church

  • It is not merely another department of the Church. Fulfilling Jesus’ prophetic vision of the gospel of the Kingdom preached in power, reaping a mighty harvest among all ethnic people groups, is the primary purpose of the Church between Jesus’ first and second coming. We mobilize believers and local ministries to align with Jesus’ priority work in this age.

C. The Unreached and Unengaged Are the Priority in Mission

  • There are many definitions of “mission” today in the body of Christ. Most of them prioritize important elements of Jesus’ calling to His body. Yet, the Biblical priority is always those with little access to living witnesses of His Kingdom. We mobilize believers and local ministries to prioritize the spiritual needs of unreached and unengaged people groups globally.

D. Local Ministries Are the Primary Means God Uses In the Great Commission

  • Much time has been spent in mobilizing individuals as “missionaries.” The time has come to mobilize entire local ministries to value and prioritize activation in the Great Commission. Local ministries are the Biblical foundation for seeing extensive fruitfulness among the unreached. We mobilize believers and local ministries to see their group as a primary means in fulfilling the Great Commission.

E. Mobilizing and Equipping Christ’s Body In Her Great Commission Responsibilities Is a Priority Role

  • It has been said the “missionary” is the most important role in the Great Commission. We believe the “mobilizer” is the most important. Mobilizers reproduce those engaging in the Great Commission over and over. We mobilize believers and local ministries to their assigned role in mobilizing others to grasp, value and become activated in the Great Commission.

F. Every Disciple in Christ’s Body Is Valuable & Has A Role To Play In the Great Commission

  • A great hindrance to the Great Commission has been the fallacy that it is meant for professional “missionaries” alone. Instead, every born again disciple of Jesus has a valuable role to play in its fulfillment, even if they never set foot among an unreached or unengaged people group. We mobilize believers and local ministries to understand and identify their particular role(s) in the Great Commission and become activated in them.